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Life is filled with ups and downs, changes and curveballs, and dealing with all of these things can be overwhelming for anyone. If this sounds like what you’re up against right now, I can help.

Therapy for dealing with Significant Life Changes

Therapy for Significant Life Changes

Throughout our lives we are faced with both change and challenges; some that are positive and some that are tougher to sort out and adjust to. As a trained therapist, no matter what significant life change you are going through – loss, relationship challenges, diagnoses, the seasons of life – I can help.

You are not alone and what you are experiencing is not forever. Together, we can find a way forward for you that feels better.

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No one is supposed to go through life alone.

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This service is right for you if you can relate to some of this:

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“Time really is a circle … We are trapped between a past we can’t return to and a future that is uncertain. And it takes guts to live here, in the hard space between anticipation and realization.”

Kate Bowler

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