Life Therapy Associate

Tracy Bowles

Tracy Bowles, Social Worker, MSW, RSW

Life Therapy Associate

In today’s busy world, it is easy to get overwhelmed, fearful and need someone to talk to and sort out our feelings. Especially when so many of us are faced with additional responsibilities, family turmoil as well as depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges.

My goal when I meet with you is to listen to your story and learn about your life - both the good parts and the challenging times too.

We will explore what has helped shape you and bring you to this point in time. And together, we will uncover new ways for you to cope and process, and tap into the innate strength that lives within you.

As a Registered Social Worker, I bring more than 15 years of psychotherapy experience to Kelly’s Life Therapy practice. Some of my areas of specialties include: depression, grief and loss, navigating critical illness, and managing major life changes.

When I’m not meeting with clients, I spend my days with my husband and three daughters staying active and exploring the world.


“A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.”

Jim Watkins

Kelly Garbe - Life Therapy Consulting

You’re ready

Be brave, take the first step and reach out!

I look forward to speaking with you virtually or at my office in Bradford, Ontario. 

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